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DilSeBol:say it from the heart!!

As the name implies, gives you the freedom to create unique, individualised designs to express your passion and attitude! You can customise and create your own t-shirts, shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc with our friendly design interface, "The Artist". Once a design is created and order placed, it is executed in accordance with our strict quality standards and shipped in 3 days. There is no minimum order quantity; we are pleased to process your order, even if it is just one unit.

Exhibit your creativity

Our gallery is a place to exhibit your creativity and display your creations for the world to see and buy, if they fancy! And for every creation of yours that someone buys, you get Reward points accrued in your account that can be redeemed for other products here. So go ahead, Express Your Self and have fun!!

HQ commenced operations in 2006 and is headquartered in Chennai. Our products are shipped by courier all across India.

Quality policy

We believe in offering the highest quality products to our customers and in being transparent in all our dealings. For our detailed quality policy, click here.

Contact us

If you require any information about our operations or products, mail us at support at

Our vision

At DilSeBol, we believe in the uniqueness of each of our Customers. We provide the opportunity for our Customers to express themselves in their own unique and creative way. We offer access to the right media, the tools and the support to help you Express Your Self. We believe in making the whole creation and customization process an enjoyable, affordable and ultimately fulfilling experience for our Customers.

Our vision is to offer our Customers an opportunity to express themselves in their own uniquely creative ways. To make this possible and easy, we provide the right media, tools and palette in an accessible and affordable format. 

Our origins are firmly rooted in the belief that every person is blessed with Creativity that longs to be expressed. On the right occasions and in the right environment, this Creativity can change lives! Yes, we are talking about such occasions as the time you met that special someone for the very first time. Or when you wanted to congratulate your best friend on landing that perfect job, your cousin’s wedding, your brother’s promotion, your mother’s maiden cruise to Europe or when you just wanted to let the world know your passion for your sport or your music… We know you would want to gift yourself and others something unique, something that connects you with the occasion or your passion in a personalised way! We realize that the range of media that our customers can choose to express their creativity is practically limitless, and therefore, our goal is to make our range of offerings for creative expressions limitless. We have started with custom-made T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, coasters and tiles. We will increase our range of items offered as we expand our capabilities and networks.

Giving back to the society

We do our little bit to the society by donating some of our products that don't get past our strict quality norms due to misprints etc (but perfectly usable and new) to an organisation called "Pudiyador". "Pudiyador" is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of under privileged children through education and social support. As we grow bigger, our desire and hope is to contribute and support more such social welfare organisations.

Our Team

Image of Suresh SubbianSuresh Subbian is one of the Founders and CEO of DilSeBol. Suresh has always been a great believer in the potential of service oriented businesses and e–commerce ventures. This provided the spark of inspiration to build DilSeBol. As a first step, Suresh experimented with various options and finally developed an online application for customized designing which was put through a 6-month test with various Indian users and fine-tuned to suit the market. Subsequently, Suresh met up with Kapil and Ravi to form DilSeBol.

Suresh has an Engineering background and is interested in Automobiles and Electronic gadgets. Suresh is also the co-founder of CK Technologies, a Chennai-based software company specializing in Indian language computing.


Image of Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar, one of the Founders and COO of DilSeBol, is a management graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Right from his MBA days, Ravi has been keenly interested in the internetretail space and had drawn up a business plan for an e-commerce site while still in college. During casual meetings with his friend Kapil, this plan was discussed but nothing came of it and everyone moved on to different things. Coincidentally, some time in 2006, 6 years after the first discussion between Kapil and Ravi, Suresh also happened to meet Kapil with a similar idea.

Kapil arranged a meeting between Ravi and Suresh and this led to the formation of DilSeBol.Ravi's past professional experience include working as Area Sales Manager with one of the world's largest beverage companies and as Business Consultant with one of the big 4 Consulting companies.

Image of Kapil


Kapil Viswanathan is a co-founder and mentor of DilSeBol. Kapil is also the co-founder of PreMedia Global, a cross-border publishing services company with operations in the US and India. Kapil holds a masters degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he co-founded the Global Outsourcing Club. 

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